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When it comes to buying a home, it can be a scary prospect. This is likely to be the biggest purchase you will ever make. When it comes to mortgages, it can be easy to get confused by the variety and complexity of some that are on offer. So let us le

There’s nothing like living in a home where everything seems to suggest you’re comfortable and happy. However, when your furniture begins to talk to you and a quick look at a magazine or a friend’s home makes you dread your home and

Spending time with friends and acquaintances is great but it's also one of the easiest ways to spend a lot of money without even noticing it. From drinks, show tickets and dinners, to taxis and late-night takeaways it’s very easy to overspe

Moving is hard and time-consuming at the best of times. It’s even harder and more complicated for single parents who have more than themselves to think about. You don’t have another mind or set of hands to help you choose between renting

When it comes to the build-up of buying a house, without a choice, you have to spend a drastic amount of money from your deposit fee, valuation fee, stamp duty and the list goes on. Feel like you are short on money to decorate your new home? Don&rsqu