When it comes to renting a property to people, students can normally be a good bet for tenants. If you have a property in one of the university towns, then the potential yield for students can be very good. However, there are several things that you

If you are looking to make investments, particularly for the long term, then it is important to know what is going to give you the best return. We look at the residential property market and help you to decide whether an investment in residential pro

When it comes to a rental home, you may feel like you are living in someone else’s property (because you are) and therefore it never really feels like your home. As your tenancy agreement will have a reinstatement or restoration clause, this me

House buying can be one of the most stressful times in someone’s life. It is certainly one of the biggest purchases that many people make. They might have saved for years to get a deposit together and searched around for the best deals, however

Selling a house in the UK generally involves instructing an estate agent to act on your behalf. The first thing that will happen when you make the call is a member of their team will come and visit to value your house. You do not have to accept the v

Over the last couple of years, there has been some unrest in the UK property market, particularly for investors. Brexit has created uncertainty and still remains an unknown entity with no resolution. Various forecasts predict that if we go ahead and

When it comes to purchasing a house, most people will be doing so with a mortgage. Whether you are a first-time buyer or moving to a new home, getting the right mortgage is vital, and without a specialist help, this can be a total minefield. Mortgage

Once Christmas is over, you might want to use this time to refresh your home and breathe some new life back in as January gets underway, as some people might be thinking to sell in 2020. Here are some tips you can do to brighten your home for the New

Time to start the New Year, so if you are feeling a bit low, read our helpful guide.

Selling and buying houses can be stressful, but here are some great ways to start the New Year.

A guide to what happens when you want to sell a property that has tenants living in it.

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