What is your favourite thing about your home?

What is your favourite thing about your home?

Most of us are now stuck at home and likely spending more time active and awake in our humble abodes more than ever before. Now that we have truly had time to reflect and actually LIVE in our homes, I'm sure that like me, a lot of people have had the opportunity to step back and appreciate things about our property that you never realised before.

Location location location...
Living in and around Kingston, we are truly lucky to be surrounded by such captivating natural scenery. Think about it for a second. Not many places can lay claim to having one foot in and out of London. I'm sure many of you reading benefit daily (pre lock down) from easy travel in and out of London, for both business and pleasure, BUT it's the 'foot out of London' that I'm loving while stuck at home. Not everyone is as blessed as we are to have the likes of Richmond Park, Wimbledon Common, Canbury Gardens and the riverside; the list goes on. Most of this simply isn't accessible, and I feel particularly empathetic for those in the more built up areas of London, often with no garden and a view of the concrete jungle.
Diamond in the rough:
Since being stuck inside most of the day, for the first time in about 10 years, I've managed to see how the light effects my property from the beginning of the day right through to the end. It's enabled me to objectively look at things as though I was buying this property for the first time. Where will I put my dinning table, where do I want the TV, and which orientation. I discovered that I actually have way more livable and usable space than i was limiting myself to. Top tip (even though you probably aren't here for that)- While it is your home and the most important thing to do is to make sure you are comfortable and happy living there, if you are planning on a move within the next 6 months, use this time wisely! Have an actual spring clean, observe where the natural light comes into your property, and really take a step back and try to view your home as though you were about to buy it. What do you love the most and how can you amplify the positives?
Let me know your thoughts on the Facebook post in the comment section, with your favourite discovery about your home.

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